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This is the home of The Chakat's Den. Here you will find all the information and illustrations on that wonderful furry race: Chakats!

Click here to read the latest update for the article An Introduction To Chakats. This will give you a fairly detailed overview of their physical and mental nature, plus a brief historical background. There are also some links to accompanying illustrations. Please note that some sections of this article are of a mature nature.

[Chakat image #1] If you are already familiar with the chakats, you may want to read some stories based on the lives and loves of a few of them. Forest Tales are a series of stories that focus about the life of Chakat Forestwalker and hir family. So far there have been fourteen episodes written, with more planned. This is an adult series. Please be aware that some episodes contain sex scenes, although I hasten to add, they are done as tastefully as possible. Also, as the stories have progressed, my story writing skills have improved slightly, so hopefully you will find the latter stories are better. I have included some links to relevant illustrations plus a number of chakat pictures unrelated to any story so far.

[Chakat image #2] There are also two spin-off series. Firstly Forest Tales Presents: The Admiral & The Chakat. This is a mostly erotica series, but with a bit more heart and soul than most. It features Forestwalker and hir very special friend, Starfleet Admiral Kline. Secondly, the newest stories, Tales of the Foxtaur Clans. which focuses on the foxtaur characters in the Chakat Universe.

Further chakat adventures have been written by my friend Terry Knight. In the multi-part story LOST, his alter-ego MayFurr has a close encounter of the 'taur kind. There is also a prequel wherein two of the characters harken back to their academy days in "Academy Tails". And finally, the sequel to "Lost" is here at last. The Gambit Solution is co-written by Grant Preston with illustrations by both of them.

Other chakat stories have been written by Will Sanborn, a furry author for whom I have been doing illustrations for his stories. I told him that it was about time he did a story for me and this is the result. "Turning Point" is about a chakat coming to terms with hir loss.The other one was a Christmas present for me and is titled "Greytiger Saves Christmas".

Further additions to the story collection are the following:

I have also written a couple of non-chakat based stories. They are "The Wish" and its sequel, "Second Chance". They are both mild erotica stories, both inspired by a couple of wonderful Terrie Smith drawings. If you want to see the picture which brought about the first story, you will just have to buy a copy of South Fur Lands, Sex & Violence, issue #1. You can find out how to get this and the regular G-rated issues by taking a peek at the SFL homepage.

As this website is dedicated primarily to all things pertaining to chakats, I have started a collection of works by various artists featuring their interpretations of the species. To most of them, I gave a general description and then turned them loose to draw as they saw fit. The results have been greatly varied, but always interesting. Some artists have drawn them very closely to how I envisaged them. Others have injected their own styles or lent a humorous stance to them. Chakat Visions is the home of these works. I have pictures from Terrie Smith, Roy Pounds, Monika Livingstone, Terry Knight, Mike Raabe, Ollie Canal, Jessica Willard, Eugene Arenhaus and many more. I intend to make this collection grow as soon as I can get permissions for existing works and commissions for new pieces. Once again, there is a mixture of General audience and Adult material. Under-age viewers are warned not to download files marked [A].

Also you will find all of Bernard Doove's latest art, some of them even before they appear on other sites. There is an alphabetical listing of all my authorised scans, so if you can't find it here, you shouldn't be able to find it anywhere else. There now is also a completed thumbnail index of all the images. The Katlist is divided into four sections to limit the number of thumbnails that you have to download at any one time. If you haven't found it already, you can get most of my non-adult stuff from the Yerf archive. You can also try the Velar Archive and look either for Chakat Goldfur or hir alter-ego, Bernard Doove, to find some more adult-oriented material.

[FOREST PATROL image] I have attended several furry gatherings and I have uploaded photos from many events including ConFURence 7, 8 & 9 in Los Angeles, Conspiracy in Wellington, New Zealand, and our own local gathering in February nicknamed ConFeatherance due to the visiting avian members of OzFurry. All the photos have got a separate thumbnail index for those who would like to see what they are downloading. Please take a peek at The ConFURence Collection. My mate Ch'marr also attended MoreFurCon in January 1999 and came back with a swag of great pictures from the convention, including photos of the real live big cats they had there. I'm talking cougars, lynxes, cheetahs and the like, folks!

Chakats have friends!

Some good friends don't have the time or resources to create websites of their own, but would love to show their stuff to the furry community. Here are some that I have had a hand in bringing to you.

[CALIFORNIA KITFOX link] I am delighted to be able to say that I am the creator and maintainer of the art archive of the California Kit Fox who is none other than my good mate Roy D. Pounds II. We will be presenting lots of his art, both old and new, for your viewing pleasure. Come, visit his den, e-mail him, or even buy a print or two!

[BOSS HOSS link] I've created these pages for Scott Teel, better known to some as Boss Hoss. Please come in and graze a while at Boss Hoss's Stable.

Commissions, Contacts & Copyrights

So what's left for me to tell you? Plenty! Check out my information page to find out where my art appears and how to get prints. Commission information is also there if you have a few dollars that you feel like sending my way. (Grin)

[E-mail icon] If you feel inclined, you can e-mail me at
I will be looking forward to hearing any comments from you.
If you are on the ICQ Network, then you can contact me on my UIN 3430714. [ICQ download page]
All text and images, except where specifically noted otherwise, are © 1999 Bernard Doove (a.k.a. Chakat Goldfur).

Bernard's Button Collection

I've been collecting link buttons and banners for lots of good websites. If you are looking for some interesting furry links like that of R&M. Carspecken and their FoxWeb site, or one of my web-rings, such as the Taur Ring, go to my Furry Links page. WARNING: Graphics intensive!


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