Species: Eponid (equine morph)
Gender: Herm
Age: unknown
Height: 175cm (5' 9")
Eyes: Leaf Green
Parents: unknown


So far as Rhiannon knows, shi has no past beyond about 4 years ago (2328). The only name shi had was "Red", according to the tag on hir collar; shi had always been an adult and hir life had consisted of arena-type combat ending in frenzied sexual displays and training between fights. Shi was on hir way to yet another bout when the transport rolled over. The driver and handler wre killed in the wreck, and perversely, as shi had not been properly secured, shi was flung free rather than having hir neck snapped. Shi suffered a multiple break in hir arm, several lacerations and bruises, though shi did not for a second let that slow hir down in seizing the opportunity to escape. Shi ran and jogged through most of the night, putting as much distance as shi could between hirself and the site of the wreck. Shi kept moving until dawn and found shelter in a barn. This set the pattern for the next few weeeks: steal food, sleep where shi could, always keep moving, don't let hir owner find hir. Shi did hir best to set hir broken arm hirself, but shi couldn't do much about hir other injuries which became infected. Eventually shi arrived in Melbourne and stumbled - literally - across the Double-H.

Hir immediate medical needs seen to, this young enigma sparked several questions in the doctor looking after hir. Despite hir injuries, shi was extremely fit yet bore several scars and othe signs of trauma. Shi had a perfectly normal, apparently functional larynx, but was mute, not making any kind of vocalization. Shi could communicate by writing or using a computer, but had strange gaps in hir knowledge, as if shi had skills without context. And as shi wrote, more and more questions have come up, starting with just who and what shi is, and how shi came to be this way.

Hir stay at the Double-H has been formalized into working for hir keep while hir situation is unravelled, doing cleaning and other odd jobs. Shi is still very apprehensive about being found, though with hir collar removed shi's relaxed somewhat, and shi's extended a tentative trust to the herms who run and manage the club. Shi is also leery of any kind of physical intimacy, to the point that even holding hands makes hir uncomfortable. Shi's still struggling to overcome hir background and suffers moments of extreme satyriasis or nymphomania. However music appears to sooth hir, and shi's taken to lingering at the door for a few moments when a performer is on-stage. Shi has made a pennywhistle which shi plays privately when shi is feeling particularly nervous or insecure. After observing that shi has a particular liking for Celtic music, Francine named hir "Rhiannon."

Physically, shi appears to be a primitive plantigrade equine morph. Shi's covered with a fine coat of horsehair, and that coat and underlying skin is chestnut & very light beige to cream in an Appaloosa pattern, darkening to almost chocolate at lips and nipples, and charcoal-black around hir genitalia. The beige-cream colouring is primarily on hir arms and legs, giving hir the appearance of wearing long gloves and thigh boots. Shi has medium-to-dark auburn hair, roughly cropped at collar length and usually windblown, through which equine ears protrude, one tipped with white, the other with black. Hir tail is long and silky, and the same colour as hir hair. Hir measurements are 36-24-34, with C-cup breasts. Shi is trim and well-muscled, obviously exercising regularly, with the build of a dancer or runner, particularly hir legs and buttocks. Overall, hir appearance is very human except for the Appaloosa skin & coat, equine ears, tail & penis. The latter is 10 inches, erect; equiform including prepuce & testicles - essentially, a perfectly normal stallion's penis, scaled down to match hir size.

Rhiannon's clothing preference is none at all; evidently shi's accustomed to going naked as a matter of course. However, shi understands that won't do around the club, though hir taste is casual and as little as possible. Shi loves blue in pretty much any shade from navy to sky and hir usual attire is a blue bikini top and extremely short 'daisy dukes' worn low on hir hips, or a bikini bottom to match hir top. Shi also has three plain gold bands around the base of hir tail, rather like hair scrunchies.


Character copyright to Ginger M.

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